Propaganda assignment

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In the poster I used the setup of old fashioned meme posters that you see all over the internet these days where there’s even websites dedicated to them some can be funny and some can make you do oh what’s that all about and become really confusing but I tried to just make it really simple and have the picture of soldiers to have a resemblance of the military so that it wasn’t just random writing and random pictures I thought that the simpler it was the easier it was to gain peoples attention. I also chose it to kind of get the attention of the youth of today because we all read these. I chose to do war in Iraq because I believe it’s really pointless and if we weren’t in Iraq there probably wouldn’t be a like to think I understand my own age group due to the fact I’m in it and I know how big we are when it comes to our opinions. I think the effectiveness of my poster can be very high due to the style in which it is made, because it’s part of a meme and everyone can have their own opinion on it which I’m asking for.   Image



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Ok so in my first blog we covered some things like, KFC, snap backs, penny boards and pretty much just how retarded our generation is. BUT I didn’t get to go into too much detail about such things so here we go. Snap-backs …. In my previous blog I came off as I hated all snap backs but really that’s a lie I hate the NFL snapbacks because its American football and 90% of the people who wear the hats don’t even know who the teams are or even that it’s a football team ….heres a link of the hats im talking about … …these hats are the ones im talking about BUT … I do like the skater Snapbacks because you actually know who’s brand they are and they aren’t all colourful and an obvious attention seeker….… and that’s where I stand when it comes to snapbacks. Now onto KFC , I do enjoy their food but I hate when I have to wait 200 years (obviously exaggerated..) for my food. And half the time I get it it’s not even what I ordered or it looks like it’s just been chucked in the box and like quoted in my first blog  “it’s just crazy especially when u go in to order and they go heey we are out of chicken but we are only selling chips and burgers…. wtf is meant to go on the burgers a bit of mayo and soggy lettuce.”  They need to be more better managed I think and hire older staff, they have 12 year olds in the back cooking which is just weird half of them probably only just learnt how to make toast a week ago to now having to use big deep fryers and make burgers in a small amount of time for a dodgy ass pay. But they are getting better I will have to admit which is always a good thing. Penny boards, people are still buying them I thought maybe people are realising how gay they are but we got “twelvies” buying them and posting on Facebook boasting about how they have just bought a penny board or what colour should they buy .It’s just sad because it’s getting worse the younger they are in my parents days of being teens the biggest thing to do that was “rebel “was to drink now days it’s to smoke marijuana and it’s just getting scarier because even my little sister knows what these things are and has friends who do them there isn’t much I can do to stop all of this but I just hope it eventually dies out ……..

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Yes, it’s your first Creative Task for this unit!

Here it is:


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my first blog

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okayy soo im new too this whole blogging thing and to be honest have no idea how to do it we were given the haha pretty shit assignment to right a 300 word blog about what ever we chose but i cant really think of anything to write and i got like one minute to write it soo lets see how we go ayy. im kinda planning on making my blogs mainly about ranting about random shit like how shit kfc is with their service its just crazy especially when u go in to order and they go heey we are out of chicken but we are only selling chips and burgers…. wtf is meant to go on the burgers a bit of mayo and soggy letuce. another thing i hope to focus on is our sad sad generation its slowly turning into a mad group of try hards with all these “snap backs”  for those who dont even know what a snapback is here a link but the basic description is a hat that doesnt even quite sit on your head properly but its a cap thats advertising American NFL  teams and 90 percent of people dont even know what the teams are they just think the hats look good another stereotype product my generation keep buying are gay penny boards. every C*^&^*t and his dog go to the gym these days and are all like YOLO (you only live once) but really translates too heey im gay and all this mirin bullshit and eshayss broooo but anyways this is my first post about me ranting with out putting in sentences cause to be honest im a lazzy basttuurrrdd but i intend on eventually fixing that and maybe even edit this blog so that his has proper sentences and proper punctuation and they will start to actually make sence haha but any ways thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my blog 🙂

haha catcha kenntssss

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It is here:


All the other assessment tasks for this unit will be placed on this blog too.

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Hello world!

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